EBU Bay Oaks Oakland, Calif.
U-12 U-13 U-14
  • Alameda College -Stadium Field (AC-SF) 555 Ralph Appezzato Memorial Pkwy Alameda, CA 94501

  • Alameda Point 1 Lexington x Midway Alameda , CA 94501
    These fields are on the former Alameda Naval Air Station grounds at the west end of the Island of Alameda. Take the Webster Street Tube from downtown Oakland to Alameda. To reach the Webster Street Tube from Southbound I980 take the 12th Street exit and continue straight ahead to 5th Street. Turn left on 5th Street and stay in one of the two left lanes. At Broadway, bear left into the Tube. From Westbound I880 exit at Broadway and stay in the left lane. Turn left on Broadway and turn left again into the Tube. Follow Webster Street to the first stoplight in Alameda and turn right on Atlantic Avenue. Follow Atlantic to Main Street just before the East Gate. Turn right on Main Street and follow Main to its end at the North Gate to the former base. Turn left into the gate and take the right side of the “Y” once inside the gate. Continue for one block. The fields are on the right side of Lexington. There is parking on the streets and also parking in the lot at the corner of W. Midway and Lexington. Field 1 is closest to Lexington, Field 3 farthest from it.

  • Alameda Point 1 > Alameda Point 1 (AP1) Lexington x Midway Alameda , CA 94501

  • Alameda Point 1 > Alameda Point 2 (AP2) Lexington x Midway Alameda , CA 94501

  • Alameda Point 1 > Alameda Point 3 (AP3) Lexington x Midway Alameda , CA 94501

  • Castlemont High School (CHS) 8601 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, CA 94605

  • Emeryville Center Of Community Life (ECOCL) 4727 San Pablo Ave Emeryville, CA 94608

  • Mills College Oakland (MCO) 5000 MacArthur Blvd Oakland, CA 94613
    Grass Field

  • Raimondi Park (RP) 1800 Wood St. Oakland, CA 94607

  • St. Paul's Gym (SPG) 124 Monticello Ave. Oakland, CA

  • TBD (TBD) Oakland, CA 94611

  • Wood Middle School (WMS) 420 Grand Avenue Alameda, CA 94501
    The field is at 420 Grand Avenue just west of Otis Drive in Alameda. From the Webster Street tunnel entrance to Alameda, follow Webster to Buena Vista Avenue. Turn left on Buena Vista Avenue. Proceed about 1.2 miles to Grand Street (not Avenue) and turn right. Follow Grand about a mile past Otis Drive. From the Park Street Bridge entrance to Alameda, follow Park Street to Otis Drive. Turn right on Otis and follow it about .8 mile to Grand St. Turn left, pass Rittler Park and look for the school.